FAO in the 21st Century

Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, dist. by Bernan & Renouf. 2011. 239p. illus. bibliog. pap. $62.

The cover of "FAO in the 21st Century" by the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations features a drawing of grain heads, a small satellite photo of a globe, a food scientist working in their lab and the finger of a person inputting data on a keyboard.


More than one billion people worldwide suffer from malnutrition, and the challenge of providing access to food is becoming more daunting as the global population is expected to exceed the nine billion mark in 2050. Part 1 of this resource details the current knowledge of food insecurity and its causes, as well as the international community’s efforts to eradicate it. Part 2 identifies policies that will ameliorate the problem, with emphasis on proposals of the Food and Agriculture Organization. With appealing graphics, this title is intended for ­nonspecialists. www.fao.org/docrep/015/i2307e/i2307e.pdf




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