Dollar General


“I did not have to think twice about the unique opportunity afforded to me as AASL president to recognize Dollar General with the Crystal Apple,” said Ballard. “When I consider their unwavering commitment to ‘be there’ and restore school library programs to tens of thousands of students after a disaster, it is truly almost beyond words for me to express heartfelt appreciation and admiration for a corporate culture that is devoted to doing the right thing.”

The Beyond Words grant program supports public school libraries nationwide that have suffered materials losses because of a major disaster ranging from hurricanes, tornados, flood, earthquakes, fires or an act of terrorism. Funds can be used to replace or supplement books, media and/or library equipment within school libraries and can also be used to offset costs by those schools that have opened their doors to significant numbers of new students displaced by disaster. To date, more than 1.3 million dollars in grants have been awarded to over 140 schools across the country.

"From the beginning of their outreach after Hurricane Katrina, to the current wave of support for schools recovering from the impact of Hurricane Sandy, Dollar General has stepped up and stepped in,” continues Ballard. “Not only have they provided disaster relief, but they have helped restore the aspirations of so many programs who work to ensure students and teachers are afforded quality resources and services. It is a privilege to honor Dollar General for their selfless efforts that mean so much, to so many.”

Awards Won

Title Year
President's Crystal Apple
The Crystal Apple is given at the discretion of the AASL President to an individual or group who has had significant impact on school libraries and students.
2013 - Winner(s)