The Center of the World, the Edge of the World

by Frederick L. Brown. National Park Svc., Pacific West Regional Office. 2011. 348p. illus. maps. SuDoc# I 29.58/3:L 38.

The book cover of "The Center of the World, the Edge of the World: A History of Lava Beds National Monument" by Frederick L. Brown features two historic photos. In the top photo, a group is gathered outdoors; in the bottom photo a large group has been photographed inside a lava tube or cave.


This NPS tract portrays the human history of north-central California’s Lava Beds National Monument region from its beginning as the ancestral homeland of the Modoc. Artifacts, hieroglyphs, and rock paintings illuminate the lifestyle of these people before the arrival of the Hudson’s Bay Company. Drawings by Edward Kern and Charles Preuss illustrate Capt. John C. Fremont’s expedition into the area in 1846. The lava beds were designated a national monument by presidential proclamation in 1925.

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