Achievement Gap of Asian American Professional Librarians at the Top of Career Ladders

to Jian-zhong “Joe” Zhou, head of reference department, California State University - Sacramento Library


The project will focus on the representation of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) at the chief executive level of libraries as compared to other ethnic groups and provide insight into the career advancement opportunities among different minority groups.

Resulting publications & presentations:

  • Zhou, Jian-zhong and Adriene Lim. “Mapping the Landscape of Career Advancement for Minorities in Libraries.” Joint Conference of Librarians of Color, Kansas City, MO. September 19-23, 2012.
  • Zhou, Jian-zhong. “The Four Capital Theory: the impact of human, cultural, social, and political capitals on minority leadership development in academics.” Carnegie Project on Education Doctorate. California State University, Fresno, CA. June 27 -29, 2012.
  • Zhou, Jian-zhong. “The Low Representation in Leadership Position of Highly Educated Asian/Pacific Islander Librarians.” American Library Association Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA. June 21-26, 2012.
  • Zhou, Jian-zhong. “Immigrant Parents Involvement in Children’s K-12 Education.” 19th Annual Multicultural Education Conference Presentation. Sacramento, May 2013.
  • Zhou, Jian-zhong (2013). “Asian/Pacific Islander Librarians Career Choices: Demographics and Descriptive Analyses” Journal of Library and Information v39, 1: 119-138.
  • Zhou, Jian-zhong. Link to presentation from ALA Annual Program for Diversity Research Grant Reports.
  • Zhou, Jian-zhong. Immigration Filtering Theory: education attainment of Asian and Black immigrants since 1965. Hawaii International Conference on Education. Honolulu, January 2014.
  • Zhou, Jian-zhong et al (2015).Asian/Pacific Librarians Career Choices: A Mixed Method StudyJournal of Library and Information Science, v. 41, 1: 97-114. DOI:10.6245/JLIS.2015.411/660

Awards Won

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Diversity Research Grant

The ALA Office for Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services sponsors this grant program which began in 2002 to address critical gaps in the knowledge of equity, diversity, and inclusion issues within library and information science.

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