library director, City & Borough of Juneau (Juneau, Alaska)

Robert Barr photo


Barr is being honored for his work as Planning Section Chief of the Emergency Operations Center, where he is leading efforts to stand up the City & Borough’s testing and vaccination efforts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This role involves extensive coordination with hospital and public health partners, city departments, assembly members, media, and the community at large. Along with a team of community partners, he co-leads the City's mass vaccination events and created a multipage online guide to answer questions from the community. Due in large part to his efforts, the city’s first mass vaccination clinic in January 2021 was a great success. Ann Symons who nominated Mr. Barr remarked that "Barr took all of the challenges in hand using the skills we value as librarians: access to information, diversity, equity and inclusion, the public good, privacy, and education and life-long learning."

Awards Won

Title Year
image of ernie dimattia Ernest A. DiMattia, Jr. Award for Innovation and Service to Community and Profession

The candidate for this award shall demonstrate leadership qualities in anticipating emerging trends in services, products and technologies that will enhance the library’s position in its community. The candidate will participate in the life of the community using membership in and volunteer service through a broad range of community organizations and projects. Sharing these traits and philosophies through active participation in professional activities will be a plus. If a suitable candidate is not found, the award will not be presented in that year.

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