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Discover the latest upgrades on our website: streamlined navigation, enhanced search, and fresh content await you. Explore now!
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A Streamlined Design

Explore our upgraded site, featuring simplified menus, smoother navigation, and enhanced functionality. Discover fresher design with fewer pages for a cleaner experience.

We're continuously improving, focusing on better search, dynamic page design, and personalized user experiences. While the site remains vast, we appreciate your patience as we iteratively enhance every aspect, ensuring a seamless journey for all visitors. This is just the beginning!

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An Improved Calendar Experience

Welcome to our revamped calendar experience! Now, find all events in one place with searchable filters by topic. Explore seamlessly for what matters to you.

It's the beginning of a smoother, more organized journey through our events. Stay tuned for ongoing enhancements!

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A New Awards & Grants Interface

Introducing our enhanced Awards & Grants interface!

Enjoy a streamlined experience with less navigation. With our improved, user-friendly platform, you can easily explore and apply for opportunities. Your journey to success just got smoother!

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A Commitment to Accessibility

We're WCAG compliant (2.2) and actively working on it with ALA's Accessibility Assembly. From completed studies to ongoing efforts, we're updating alt tags, providing staff training, and offering more accessibility resources for libraries and librarians. Stay tuned for a more inclusive experience.

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