Trustee from the Tool Room

Building Entrepreneurial Opportunities

While Trustees are expected to know library law and finance relevant to their library, they also need to understand major issues impacting their community and how their library can help meet these needs.  This column will identify some of these issues and share briefs on how libraries are addressing them.  These ideas can be tools for you to help your library meet evolving community needs.  For example, consider have your library build entrepreneurial opportunities in your community.   A recent ALA brief described it this way:

"Libraries have the information resources, technology, physical presence, and expert staff to research and brainstorm new ideas or markets, develop business plans, gain access to or learn about emerging technologies, obtain information about intellectual property, and implement business plans and sustain an enterprise."

First, for more information, please read "One Small Business at a Time."

Second, after you have read the brief, please take a short survey and add your stories. For example, Lisa Kilby relied heavily on the resources of Cecil County Public Library to write a plan that helped her secure $50,000 in seed money to realize her dream of opening an ice cream shop.  Share how your library has helped a small business  We plan to feature your stories in the next issue of The Voice as we continue exploration of these issues.

Thank you,

From the Tool Room
David Hallenbeck