Walter Farley Wing, Venice Public Library

Walter Farley Wing, Venice Public Library

Venice, FL

Dedicated: 1989

Partner: Friends of the Venice Public Library

walter farley wing

Walter Farley, author of the Black Stallion books, helped to found the Friends of the Venice Public Library in 1962, along with his wife, Rosemary. He was born on June 26, 1915, in Syracuse, N.Y. He grew up with a love for horses, although he never owned one. His family eventually moved to New York City where the option of owning a horse was out of the question.

Farley’s love for horses and incredible writing ability helped to create one of the most successful and adored children’s literature series: The Black Stallion. The series began with the first novel,
The Black Stallion, published in 1941, when young Alec Ramsey found himself shipwrecked on a deserted island with a wild horse. Farley’s first Black Stallion novel was published at the young age of 26. He would go on to author 34 books in his lifetime. Walter Farley died in October of 1989, shortly before the publication of the 21st book in the Black Stallion series.

walter farley literary landmark anniversary
On Jan. 31, 2009, the Friends and staff of the Venice Public Library celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Literary Landmark. Dozens gathered in the youth wing to hear library patrons and the Farley family reminisce about the author, his works and his dedication to the library. The landmark was established in recognition and appreciation of Walter and Rosemary Farley, and for Walter Farley's literary contribution of influential and inspirational bookos enjoyed by generations of young readers throughout the world.


The Black Stallion

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