Literary Landmark: Kate Chopin House

St. Louis, Mo.
Dedicated April 22, 2007
Partners: Friends of the Kirkwood Public Library and the Kate Chopin Society of North America (headquartered in the Kirkwood Public Library)

Novelist and short story writer Kate Chopin (1850-1904) lived in this house located at 4232 McPherson Avenue in St. Louis, Missouri, in the autumn of 1903. It was in this house that she wrote her last poem, "To the Friend of my Youth: To Kitty," (1900) and her last story, "The Impossible Miss Meadows." (1903) It was also in this house that she died of a cerebral hemorrhage on August 22, 1904. The house was the only existing St. Louis building associated with her life and work. In 2008 this landmark was lost in a fire along with most of the contents, although a few artifacts were salvaged.


The Kate Chopin International Society (website)

National Landmark ‘Kate Chopin House’ is lost to fire (NCPTT 2008)