Literary Landmark: Maine Women Writers Collection

Portland, Maine.
Dedicated: June 20, 1998

The Maine Women Writers Collection at the Westbrook College Campus was designated a Literary Landmark on June 20th, 1998. The collection is composed of some 4,000 volumes representing more than 500 Maine women writers. The collection documents and illustrates the times, circumstances and experiences of the writers, either natives or residents of the state of Maine.

The collection was founded in 1959 and includes correspondence, photographs, personal papers, manuscripts, and audio cassettes that offer a peek into the lives and personal thoughts of these women. The collection was established in 1959 by Grace Dow and Dorothy Healy.

The collection offers literature by well known as well as obscure Maine Women Writers. The Maine Women Writers Collection is a great resource for researchers and students interested in the prolific women authors of New England.


University of New England - Maine Women Writers Collection

Maine Women Writers Collection administration records, 1959-2010 (ArchiveGrid)