Literary Landmark: San Carlos Institute, Key West - Jose Marti

Key West, Fla.
Dedicated: 1994

The San Carlos Institute in Key West, Florida was designated a Literary Landmark on January 14th, 1994 in honor of Cuban poet and patriot José Martí. The Institute was founded in 1871 as a shrine to Cuban heritage aimed at preserving Cuban culture. It was one of the first bilingual schools in the United States. Martí loved the school so much he often referred to it as “La Casa Cuba” or the “Cuban House”.

At the San Carlos Institute, Martí united the exile community and formed The Cuban Revolutionary Party in his campaign for Cuban Independence. His actions eventually led to the establishment of a free Cuba in 1902. Martí died in 1895 fighting in the war for Cuban independence.

The San Carlos Institute has gone through many changes since Martí frequented there, however, visitors can take a guided tour of the building.


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