Literary Landmark: Herbert Hoover house

West Branch, Iowa

Dedicated: August 10, 1991

Partners: Iowa Center for the Book

1991Hoover1Herbert Hoover, the thirty-first president of the United States, was born in 1874 in West Branch, Iowa. The cottage he was born in is now a National Historic Site. His birthplace was designated a Literary Landmark by the Iowa Center for the Book on August 10, 1991.

Herbert Hoover gained a reputation during his time as president of public service and humanitarianism. He extended aid to foreign nations regardless of politics or religion. Hoover served in many government offices including Food Administration, the Supreme Economic Council, and he was head of the American Relief Administration.1991Hoover2

In addition to being president, Hoover was also the author of forty books on topics ranging from politics to fishing. Numerous schools, libraries, buildings, and even a dam, have been named after this famous president.

Herbert Hoover died in New York at the age of 90 on October 20, 1964.


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