The Friends showed their gratitude to the library’s teen-age volunteers, the Volunteens, with a gift of fast food certificates.


The library was in dire need of a spring cleaning, so the Friends of the Elkins Park Library utilized their Board's volunteer energy for their first Annual "Rag Day" event. Members who looked the sloppiest before and the dirtiest afterwards received prizes -- certificates good for 10 free used books from the sale shelves. The event ended with pizza. For public relations, they sent the press photos of everyone mopping, dusting and scrubbing. And, they say, it didn't just spruce up the library, it also helped to solidify the board.


Youth programs this summer at the Moore Memorial Public Library will be assisted by Friends volunteers. "Which Fork Is It?" is a manners class for teens featuring table settings and proper etiquette for dining with family and friends; Friends volunteers will host tables one evening. Friends will also serve as judges for the "Monopoly Marathon," and volunteer cooks will provide the cookies and sandwiches for a Tea Party for the younger set.


Friends of the Austin Public Library present two awards annually to Friends who have contributed greatly to the success of the organization. The Outstanding Volunteer of the Year award is presented at a wine and cheese social given for volunteers each fall. The Outstanding Service award is presented at the Annual Meeting.