Resources for Selling Books Online

For researching books and checking the current online book prices: Jerry Hunt's list of meta-search sites and links for verifying author signatures.

For those of you who wish to research book prices on the Internet here are some metasearch sites to consider. The comments following each listing are taken directly from home pages and are subject to change.
41 sites (20,000 booksellers), millions of books.
43 bookstores.
30 online bookstores.
“the top online British book shops.”
millions of books, substantial number of Internet retailers.
100 online bookstores.
dozens of bookstores. owned, 20 million books.
14 sites.
46 sites (70,000 booksellers) over 70 million books, also searches in English, French, German, and Italian.
75 online bookstores and 80,000 booksellers.
34 bookstores.
46 online bookstores.
100 bookstores and 80,000 booksellers.
12 sites [ALL IN FRENCH].
15 sites.
40 bookstores.
30 online bookstores.
16 sites.
26 sites, 100 million books.
122 bookstores and 60,000 booksellers.
27 sites [ALL IN GERMAN]
14 online bookstores.
2,476,162 titles, 495 booksellers. Searches in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.
20 data bases, some of which are libraries. Registers wants.
11? sites.
16 sites [and then refers you to]
14 sites, 55 million books, thousands of booksellers. Also searches in Spanish.

The following site is not free:
1,187,442 records in bibliographical database.
1.5 million books, 400 all British booksellers. This site owns and runs around 20 separate domain names each handling a specialist subject area.

Also of interest to verify author’s signatures:
over 14,000 autographs.
hundreds of autographs.

Prepared by Jerry E. Hunt, V.P.-Book Sales, Friends of the Arlington [TX] Public Library, Inc. Email:
Last updated September 5, 2005.