Adult Library Services

Materials, services, and programs designed to meet the needs of the adult users of a public library, as opposed to those designed for children and young adults.

  • Book discussion groups

    “A book discussion group is a forum where readers can come together and talk about books and the reading experience. These groups can be organized in a variety of ways. There are adult groups, student-led groups, mother-daughter groups, father-son groups, and parent-child groups, to name just a few. At my library we have a parent-child book discussion group, but the guidelines found in this article can apply to any group with children as participants.” -- “Giving Readers a Voice: Book Discussion Groups,” by Anna Healy.
  • Computer Classes

    For teaching computing skills such as keyboarding, using a mouse, and navigating the internet.
  • Employment search support

    A community-building service that libraries can offer to patrons to aid in finding a job.
  • New Immigrants

    Resources to support library programming serving new immigrants.
  • Older patrons

    Resources and programs that specifically target the community's senior population.
  • Readers' Advisory for Adults

    Services that are provided by librarians typically in public libraries. These may include recommendations of specific titles, authors, or lists of books for particular needs.