Graphics from the Public Library Funding and Technology Access Study

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Tug of War: Use vs. Funding

Image of public library use vs. funding infograph

Cuts to state funding of public libraries

Image of cuts to state fundng of public libraries infograph

High-speed internet access

Image of infograph stating 35% of Americans do not have high-speed Internett

Decreased or flat budgets, decreased services

Image depicting flat or decreased public library budgets, in 2012 57%

Supply not meeting demand: connection speeds and public-use computers

Image depicting 65% of public libraries report insufficient number of ccomputers

Resources and training at public libraries

Image depicting 96% of public libraries help patrons with e-government services

Mobile technology is enhancing access to library services

Image depicting 14% of public libraries have websites optimized for mobile services

E-books - and e-book readers - are available

Image depicting 76% of public libraries offer e-books

See full infographic: U.S. Public Libraries Weather the Storm

Additional graphics available in Press Kit.

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