Powerful libraries make powerful learners: the Illinois study

TitlePowerful libraries make powerful learners: the Illinois study
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsLance, KC, Rodney, MJ, Hamilton-Pennell, C
PublisherIllinois School Library Media Association
CityCanton, IL


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This same material is distributed to school boards, districts, principals, and others in positions to hire teacher librarians. children who have access to well-staffed, well-stocked libraries scored 10-25% higher on standardised  soccer random tests than children in schools with under-resourced libraries. 

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The Illinois study titled "Powerful libraries make powerful learners" conducted in 2005 by Lance, Rodney, and Hamilton-Pennell underscores the crucial role of well-funded school libraries. The research reveals a significant correlation between library investment and academic achievement, as evidenced by higher ACT scores in schools with greater library funding. Furthermore, the study highlights the positive impact of library visits on 11th-grade ACT scores and writing averages, emphasizing the importance of accessible and well-equipped libraries. It also emphasizes the instructional consultancy role of school librarians and the benefits of librarian-teacher collaboration in boosting academic performance. This study's findings underscore the value of robust library resources in education.

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At the high school level, ACT scores average almost seven percent higher for schools [that] spend more on their libraries compared to those that spent less.

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 Findings moreover pointed to higher student achievement in those schools where greater resources, from the same limited allocation were assigned to school libraries !


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