Perceptions of libraries, 2010 : context and community : a report to the OCLC membership

TitlePerceptions of libraries, 2010 : context and community : a report to the OCLC membership
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsDe Rosa, C, Cantrell, J, Carlson, M, Gallagher, M, Hawk, J, Sturtz, C
CityDublin, Ohio
ISBN Number9781556533952
Abstract"Much has changed since OCLC published 'Perceptions of libraries and information resources' in 2005. America has seen one of the worst recessions, and there have been advances in technology. How these and other changes in the environment have affected the perceptions and use of information resources and the library is the focus of the first section of our report. ... Perceptions and use of information resources and the library vary at different stages in life. What we have learned about libraries, communities and age is the focus of the second section of our report"--P. 1.


The report  presents a valuable insight into the shifting landscapes surrounding libraries and information resources. A significant period has passed since the previous publication in 2005, marked by considerable societal, economic, and technological changes. The impact of events like the recession and the advancement of technology has likely reshaped perceptions and utilization of information resources, forming a pivotal focus of the report's initial section.

Moreover, the report delves into the varying perspectives and usage patterns across different life stages. It sheds light on the nuanced relationships between libraries, communities, and age groups, providing an enhanced understanding of how perceptions evolve across various demographics.

The evolution of societal views and technological integration undoubtedly plays a crucial role in shaping the contemporary landscape of libraries. This report serves as a pertinent resource, offering a comprehensive exploration into the multifaceted dimensions of libraries and information resources amidst a dynamically changing environment.


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