Making the grade : the status of school library media centers in the sunshine state and how they contribute to student achievement

TitleMaking the grade : the status of school library media centers in the sunshine state and how they contribute to student achievement
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsBaumbach, DJ
PublisherHi Willow Research and Pub.
CitySalt Lake City, UT
ISBN Number093151097X 9780931510977


It's important to note that the specific status and contributions of school library media centers in Florida may vary based on individual schools, districts, and available resources. To obtain accurate and up-to-date information on the status of school libraries in Florida and their impact on student achievement, I recommend referring to research studies, reports, and publications from educational organizations, state departments of education, or local school districts in Florida. 

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The book "Making the Grade: The Status of School Library Media Centers in the Sunshine State and How They Contribute to Student Achievement" by DJ Baumbach, published in 2003, sheds light on the impact of library staffing and usage on student achievement in Florida. High schools with better library staffing demonstrated improved test scores. FCAT and ACT scores were notably higher in schools with increased library usage. Elementary schools with 80 hours of library staffing per week witnessed higher test scores, while middle schools with higher library staffing also received improved scores. The role of school library media specialists in "A" elementary schools was emphasized in enhancing FCAT scores.

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