Library variables affects test scores at all educational levels

TAAS [Texas Assessment of Academic Skills] performance was associated with different library factors at each educational level. Library variables found to be important were: Elementary School [K/MS]:

  • Library volumes purchased in 1999-00 per 100 students
  • Library operational expenditures per student
  • Library computers connected to a modem per 100 students
  • Library software packages per 100 students

Middle/Junior High [K/MS]:

  • Identifying materials fo instructional units developed by teachers
  • Providing information skills instruction to individuals or groups

High School [T]:

  • Library staff per 100 students
  • Library staff hours per 100 students
  • Library hours of operation per 100 students
  • Volumes per students
  • Current subscriptions to magazines and newspapers per 100 students
  • Planning instructional units with teachers
  • Providing staff development to teachers