Public library

High School (Teen) Talking Point #4

Teens depend on the public library as an access point to critical technology, networking and connectivity. The public library offers teens the space to utilize the interactive capabilities of the Internet; they use library computers to build writing and literacy skills through online journals, web pages and story parlors, and learn how to communicate with family and friends via social networking tools available through the public library’s free Internet access computers, such as blogs, online chat and other Web 2.0 applications.

High School (Teen) Talking Point #3

The library provides a place for teens that encourages and values open communication and the sharing of ideas. The public library is a place where they can be and express themselves among peers, foster supportive relationships with peers and adults through library-sponsored programs, and interact with library staff, thus gaining confidence as they seek the help of adults with their projects.

High School (Teen) Talking Point #2

Teens rely on the library because it’s a place to explore and expand their interests, and benefit from having resources and staff targeted to their needs. Thanks to public library staff, they learn how to use the tools and resources they need to pursue school-related studies and research projects, and expand their reading interests through the availability of targeted materials, such as graphic novels, periodicals, interactive learning tools and more.