The Idaho school library impact study, 2009: How Idaho librarians, teachers. and administrators collaborate for student success

TitleThe Idaho school library impact study, 2009: How Idaho librarians, teachers. and administrators collaborate for student success
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsLance, KC, Rodney, MJ, Schwarz, B
InstitutionIdaho Commission for Libraries
CityBoise, Idaho
AbstractThis commissioned report identifies how Idaho school libraries contribute to student success. The survey design included both qualitative and quantitative measures. Responses from 1,082 librarians, teachers, and principals indicated what library services and programs they valued. In addition the survey asked to what degree administrators believed their staff were teaching Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) skills. The authors then looked at how those perceptions related to student achievement based upon ISAT scores. The bottom line result is that students are more likely to succeed/ excel/ thrive when librarians play active and collaborative roles with other teachers and with administrators.



The Idaho school library impact study from 2009 is a pivotal exploration highlighting the collaborative efforts between librarians, teachers, and administrators. It showcases a concerted endeavor towards enhancing student success. This study illuminates the profound impact that collaborative efforts within the educational sphere can have on student achievement. It underscores the vital role played by school libraries in fostering academic growth and development. The collaboration between librarians, teachers, and administrators reflects a cohesive approach towards enriching the learning experience. This study serves as a testament to the significance of interdisciplinary cooperation in nurturing students' academic excellence. It outlines the synergy created when educational stakeholders unite with a common goal. The findings underscore the symbiotic relationship between a well-equipped library and student success. Ultimately, this study reinforces the notion that collaborative efforts among educators are instrumental in shaping a brighter future for students.

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