Public librarians were providing early literacy opportunities to young children

This study investigated how 26 Maryland public librarians were providing early literacy opportunities to young children and their families through their outreach services… All librarians knew the importance of forming home, school, and community partnerships and were working collaboratively among these spheres to help children succeed in school

Maryland public libraries as a positive investment

... 92% of those polled felt that public libraries were a good investment for their tax dollars. And, when told that less than 1 percent of the county's budget and only four-tenths of 1 percent of the state's budget was spent on libraries, more than 60 percent stated that more money should be invested in libraries by both local and state government.

Public Libraries adding to Maryland community development

Forty-three percent stated that having a public library move into a community would help attract businesses to the area, and 78 percent believed that public libraries improve a community by helping people learn new skills so they can get better jobs. A whopping 98 percent felt that public libraries help people learn new things no matter what their age.

Maryland Public Libraries as a desirable community asset

Happily, 42 percent gave public libraries an "A", ranking us at the top of local public services that included police and public safety, parks and recreation, public schools, social service, roads and mass transit, and local government efficiency. Marylanders told us that, next to public green space (parks), they ranked public libraries as the most desired community asset.