Evaluation of the public library summer reading program: Books and beyond... take me to your reader!

TitleEvaluation of the public library summer reading program: Books and beyond... take me to your reader!
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsEvaluation and Training Institute
InstitutionLos Angeles County Public Library Foundation
CityLos Angeles


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Public library summer reading programs help children and teens retain and improve their reading skills over the summer.  Retro Bowl College

These points can help frame an evaluation or backpack battles discussion of the program's success. 

Over the summer, children and teens who participate in public library summer reading programs are able  retro bowl college to maintain and enhance their reading skills.  

Participating youths and children in summer reading programs offered by public libraries have the opportunity to     basketball stars

High participation rates may indicate a successful and engaging program  slice master

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This report on the evaluation of the public library summer reading program provides valuable insights into the Buckshot Roulette effectiveness and impact of such initiatives. The catchy title adds a playful touch, making it engaging for participants.

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It's intriguing that the report centers on the idea of Books and Beyond. It implies that fnf summer reading initiatives can accomplish more than just motivating kids to read.

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