Together We Can: Collaborating to Meet the Needs of At-Risk Students

TitleTogether We Can: Collaborating to Meet the Needs of At-Risk Students
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsGavigan, K, Kurtts, S
JournalLibrary Media Connection
Pagination10 - 12
AbstractWith an annual dropout rate of roughly 1.2 million students, far too many children and youth are being left behind in schools. As a consequence of the large dropout rate, it is estimated that the United States loses almost $320 billion in potential earnings each year. It is apparent that educational reform is needed in order to identify at-risk students, and to develop programs to prevent them from leaving their schools. With the increasingly diverse educational needs of all students, it takes a team of professionals to ensure student success. School librarians can be integral members of these professional teams. Through collaborative activities, librarians can meet the needs of at-risk students by working to implement strategies designed to help them experience academic success and prevent them from dropping out of school. In this article, the authors discuss librarian's role as a member of a collaborative educational team-response to intervention. They list and describe evidence-based practices and strategies that librarians should understand as they develop collaborative partnerships with teachers.


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The book adopts a strengths-based perspective  suika game that focuses on identifying and leveraging the strengths and assets of at-risk students.