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Libraries Connect Communities: Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study 2008–2009 assesses public access to computers, the Internet, and Internet-related services in U.S. public libraries, and the impact of library funding changes on connectivity, technology deployment, and sustainability. The study builds on the longest-running and largest study of Internet connectivity in public libraries begun in 1994 by John Carlo Bertot and Charles R. McClure.

The report provides information that can help library directors and library IT staff benchmark and advocate for technology resources in communities across the nation. The data are also of importance for policymakers at local, state, and federal levels, manufacturers of information and communication technologies, and the communities served by public libraries.

Press Resources

Libraries Connect Communities 2008-2009 Press Kit
Media Mentions - media coverage from NPR, Library Journal, USA Today, and more.
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Final 2008-2009 Report

Libraries Connect Communities 3: Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study 2008-2009 (pdf)

libraries connect communities 3 cover Sections:

Contents and Acknowledgements (pdf)

Executive Brief (pdf)
John Carlo Bertot, Larra Clark, Denise M. Davis, Charles R. McClure

Funding Landscape (pdf)
Denise M. Davis

SECTION I: Findings from the Public Libraries and the Internet 2008–2009 Survey
John Carlo Bertot, Charles R. McClure, Denise M. Davis, Elise Jensen, Susan Thomas, Carla B. Wright

Overview (pdf)

National Branch-Level Data (pdf)

National System-Level Data (pdf)

2008-2009 State Summaries Page

SECTION II: Findings from the State Library Agency Chief Officers’ Qualitative Questionnaire (pdf)
Larra Clark

SECTION III: Findings from Focus Groups and Site Visits (pdf)
Larra Clark, Peggy Barber, Linda K. Wallace

Appendices + Index (pdf)  

Online Extras

2008-2009 Maps
Public Library Funding & Access Study: Executive Brief Handout  (pdf, published October 2009)
Librarian certification requirements, by state
Public library staff technology competencies
Public library trustee handbooks or manuals supplied by state libraries

Survey Questionnaire

2008-2009 Public Libraries & the Internet survey questionnaire (pdf)

Additional information about Public Libraries & the Internet from the Center for Library & Information Innovation at the University of Maryland - including additional state-level data.

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