Job Seeking in U.S. Public Libraries

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With more than 16,670 locations nationwide, free public access to computers and the Internet, expert staff assistance and robust collections, U.S. public libraries are well-positioned to support workforce development activities. In 2010, millions of people received job-related training in their libraries and used library computers to find and apply for jobs.

The Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study has collected national and state-level statistics related to this trend, as well as examples of effective practices from public libraries around the country. A range of resources related to this topic are gathered here, and we welcome comments and contributions from libraries and library partners in supporting job seekers. Please send feedback to Judy Hoffman at

Issues Brief

job-seeking issues brief image Job-Seeking in US Public Libraries (. pdf; updated June 2011)

More employers – from grocery stores to casinos to state governments – require people to apply for jobs online. Americans are depending on libraries not only for free access to computers and the Internet, but also for the assistance and training library staff offer every day.

"Job-seeking in U.S. Public Libraries" discusses the range of library resources available to job seekers and challenges to maintaining these services. 

Map, job-seeking services in the U.S., 2010

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