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  • Hanging Out, Messing Around & Geeking Out (HOMAGO) is an experiential learning theory about how youth learn in new social and media environments. This Guidebook explains what it is, why it is important, how to document it, and the role of adults/mentors in the space.
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    Books & magazines, Professional development
  • For many libraries, access to high-speed internet and computers are barriers to connecting to web-based computational environments and even allowing multiple users to use simple websites or play how-to videos. Broadband internet access is an urban and rural problem with a disproportionate impact on African American and Latino communities. How can library staff provide opportunities for youth to engage in CT opportunities when access to hardware and broadband is limited?
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    Strategies, Ready to Code examples
  • In this video Ak-Chin Indian Community (Maricopa, AZ) librarian Jeffrey Stoffer celebrates the accomplishments of students in their Libraries Ready to Code program, Game Hacker: Making, Fixing, Breaking. See how young people participating in Game Hacker are learning skills that will enable them to succeed in any future opportunity they pursue.
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    Ready to Code examples
  • Code Your World is a four-part challenge that teaches youth to apply CS to the world around them through hands-on activities - online and offline.
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    Lesson plans & activities
  • A variety of tools library staff can use to begin implementing activities to help understand community needs.
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    Strategies, Professional development
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