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  • A list of informational resources, tips, and talking points curated specifically for libraries by the National Center for Women & Information Technology to broaden participation in computing.
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  • Hanging Out, Messing Around & Geeking Out (HOMAGO) is an experiential learning theory about how youth learn in new social and media environments. This Guidebook explains what it is, why it is important, how to document it, and the role of adults/mentors in the space.
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    Books & magazines, Professional development
  • Video host Cathleen Clifford sits down with Groton (Conn.) Public Library Librarian Emily Sheehan and Teen Services Librarian Jessa Franco to discuss how they are using the Libraries Ready to Code grant to teach coding skills to teens in their Hacker Club, who then teach those skills to younger students.
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    Ready to Code examples
  • An overview of what computational thinking (CT) is and why it is important for libraries to add computational thinking activities to services for all ages.
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    Professional development
  • Self-paced lessons to guide students from basic to advanced LEDs, through ultrasonic sensors, and motors in this intro to electricity and engineering using Arduino.
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    Lesson plans & activities
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