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By Tom Peters | Just when we thought it was safe to return to the snippet-infested digital content pool, HarperCollins came along and launched today its own snippet-dangling service that tries to lure readers, especially "young-adult readers" (is that phrase becoming an oxymoron?) to buy more books (primarily) and

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By Michelle Boule | We will anticipate and respond to the ways our users find, create, and share knowledge, and we will be fully integrated into the personalized library experience for each user and welcoming spaces for collaboration and discovery. On campus and online, we will be a valued partner in the academic life of our students, faculty, and community.

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By Teresa Koltzenburg | It's a special day here at ALA TechSource. Not only did Jenny Levine begin at ALA today in her new job as Internet Development Specialist and Strategy Guide, but also today Michelle Boule, of Wandering Eyre Blog fame, officially starts as a contributor to this blog. (Watch your aggregator for her first post about utilizing committees to influence technology-related decisions.)

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By Michael Stephens | "Another benefit of using Flickr at your library and tagging your photos with your library's name and location is that it gets you found in the great pool of all of the photos in Flickr. Maybe someone is searching Flickr for his or her hometown and discovers images of the local library and learns of services or programs he or she didn't know about...

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By Karen G. Schneider | This week it's hot as a pistol across the United States, and as I sit in my office without A/C, a feeble fan drying the sweat on my face, I'm grumpy. Grumpy enough to line up a few peeves against the wall and slap them around.Open-source software

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By Tom Peters | Two news items that scurried across my attention in July have led me to conclude that, in this era of overlapping eras, we have entered yet another age.

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By Teresa Koltzenburg | YALSA executive director Beth Yoke posted this comment today to the recent DOPA and 2 Cents post on this blog (as well as a similar call to action on the YALSA Blog).

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By Tom Peters | It's already mid-July and I'm still thinking about the programs, news, and events from the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans three weeks ago.

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By Teresa Koltzenburg | On the ever-informative LibraryLaw Blog Wednesday, Mary Minow posts a three-question interview with the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) executive director Beth Yoke about DOPA (Deleting Online Predators Act of 2006). In it, Yoke provides her 2 cents on the proposed legislation and her experience at the hearing.

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By Tom Peters | On June 26th I caught the tail end of Chris Anderson's standing-room-only talk in New Orleans during the ALA Annual Conference. Chris was discussing the "long tail" phenomenon in the new business-and-economics climate of the Internet age.

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