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By Patrick Hogan | The upcoming 2012 LITA National Forum, October 4-7, in Columbus, Ohio, is your opportunity to learn and network in a small, manageable conference setting. The programs cover technology with depth, specificity, and a project orientation. Conference planners emphasize the social too with the reception and network dinners. Plus they somehow swung wireless internet in the Hyatt Regency's guest rooms at no additional charge. Save money and register today. Early bird rates for registration expire this Friday, August 31. Housing deadline for conference rates is September 3.

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By Marshall Breeding | Innovative Interfaces, Inc. has appointed Kim Massana as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately (August 27, 2012). Jerry Kline continues as Chairman and Neil Block as President.

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By Patrick Hogan | Below is an excerpt from Lori Bowen Ayre's Library Technology Report RFID in Libraries: A Step toward Interoperability (Vol. 48; No. 5). Subscribers can access Library Technology Reports on Metapress. The Introduction, from which this excerpt is taken, is available for free download. Purchase single copies in the ALA store. In March 2012, NISO adopted RFID in Libraries (RP-6-2012) establishing ISO 28560-2 as the US Data Profile (see NISO report). The final adoption of a US Data Profile is one big step toward interoperability between libraries and between vendors.

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By Daniel A. Freeman | We just wrapped up the ALA TechSource Workshop Choosing an E-Book Platform that Works for Your K12 Library with Buffy Hamilton. The slides from the event, which contain some fantastic resources, are posted below.

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By Daniel A. Freeman | Greg Notess was inspired to write Screencasting for Libraries after presenting workshops on the topic. Workshops get people started, he says, but a book allows more in- depth treatment and is available for reference when it's time to review. The book features 12 implementation projects, which are linked to Greg's companion web page. At a basic level, you will learn how to use free software to make a quick step-by-step as you show a student how to use a database interface.

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By Jason Griffey | I have a not-entirely-undeserved reputation as a fan of Apple’s hardware and software. And it’s true that I think that Apple is charting the future of computing with the iPhone and iPad, and that no one has built a tablet that I could possibly recommend that ran anything except iOS. Until now. Yes, you can collect whatever wagers there were on the table as to when I’d like an Android device. Because I really, really like the Nexus 7, the 7 inch, Google-backed-and-Asus-built Android 4.1 tablet. It’s fast, it’s pretty, and Android 4.1 puts it far ahead of other Android tablets for the time being. Did I mention that it’s also $199?  Read on for my full review...

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By Daniel A. Freeman | We just wrapped up the ALA TechSource Webinar The Book as iPad App with Nicole Hennig. If you missed the event or want to experience it again, check out the archive here.

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By Daniel A. Freeman | We just wrapped up the ALA TechSource Workshop Libraries and Linked Data: Looking to the Future with Karen Coyle. The slides from the event, which contain some fantastic resources, are posted below.

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By Patrick Hogan | Jason Clark refers to his book Building Mobile Library Applications as “recipe-driven” with a goal of “empowering readers to build stuff .” Implementation is Jason’s focus. He writes our Code Words column, which debuted in May with Using Google Spreadsheets Data API to build a Recommended Reading List. In the this interview, Jason describes two specific projects.

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By Patrick Hogan | Two companies, one large, one small, both with origins as Stanford student projects, are ready to help you map your library. Walking the exhibit floor at ALA Annual Conference, I am always curious when I see a tech behemoth. Google was exhibiting again at ALA. Though the booth had a "first-time exhibitor," label I recall its exhibits from the early days of Google Library or Google Books, if only because the swag was so sought after. The Google presence this year was modest, and its message as simple as its search screen: let us map your library.

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