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By Jenny Levine | On Sunday, July 22, 2007, Scott Nicholson from the Information Institute of Syracuse helped open the Symposium by presenting a session titled Who Else Is Playing?

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By Jenny Levine | Noted scholar James Paul Gee opened the second day of the 2007 TechSource Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium with a fascinating discussion about Libraries, G

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By Tom Peters | The dog days of August 2007 may be remembered as that magic moment when librarianship as practiced in Second Life finally received permission to dine at the adults' table. 

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By Jenny Levine | The first of the audio files from the 2007 TechSource Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium is now available!

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By Michael Stephens | I keep my eye on many innovative libraries. These libraries are at the outer edge of our market, leading the way with new takes on service and outreach. They inspire me. They also help me do my job. I love to see what Hennepin is doing, and what Darien will do as they build their new library, as well as many other libraries across the country and around the world.

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By Michelle Boule | The picture at the top of this post is from the game night at the Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium. These librarians are playing Wii Tennis and being coached by Giz Womack. The gaming night, which happened the first night of the conference, helped define the atmosphere that made this conference different.

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By Karen G. Schneider |  What do two initiatives from a new branch library and a large city library have in common? Both--from Maricopa (Az.) County Library District and Phoenix Public Library--are about moving out of library silos and leveraging the wide world of information.

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By Tom Peters | On the first day of the first ever ALA TechSource Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium in Chicago yesterday, Scott Nicholson from the Library Game Lab at Syracuse University released a report on The Role of Gaming in Libraries: Taking the Pulse. It's already available online as a PDF file.

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By Michael Stephens | In mid June the Mississippi State University Libraries hosted the Mississippi Library 2.0 Summit.

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By Tom Peters | The ALA Annual Conference in DC, which just ended, was another energizing, informative event.  In a forthcoming post I will summarize the more substantial sessions and issues that came to my attention.  However, in the spirit of the adage, "Life's uncertain; eat dessert first," I would like to share with you the most fun I had at ALA in DC.

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