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By Michael Stephens | Last month I shared some of the best practices for social software from my recently published ALA TechSource Library Technology Report, Web 2.0 and Libraries Part 2: Trends & Technologies.

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By Tom Peters | Today officially announced the availability of its new portable electronic reading device and service, Kindle. The MSRP for the device is $399. The content will cost in the neighborhood of $10 per book, with newspapers and magazines priced accordingly. The highest priced Kindle book I was able to find in their catalog was Growth Strategies for Software Companies at $1,079.96--worth every penny if it produces results. Several of the available titles cost only a penny, including Confectionery Packaging Equipment. Sweeeet!

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By Tom Peters | Computer games that combine gaming with mild to intense physical exercise, such as Dance Dance Revolution and the Wii, seem to be gaining popularity both within and without libraries.  Having libraries host “rock the stacks” battles of the bands also has proven to be a popular way to lure teens into libraries. 

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By Tom Peters | For the past few days I've been an early morning denizen of the Denny's restaurant at the corner of Munras and Fremont in Monterey, California

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By Michelle Boule | While in Denver for LITA Forum recently, I read an article in the Denver Post entitled “We are our friends, our friends are us: MySpace and its offspring have transformed our link' thinking.” I found this article interesting for two reasons.

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By Michael Stephens | In just 12 months, from the time ALA Techsource published Web 2.0 & Libraries: Best Practices for Social Software, the influx of 2.0 type tools, books, articles about the tools, and conference presentations has been overwhelming. So much excellent content to take in!

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By Karen G. Schneider | "A ship in port is safe; but that is not what ships are built for. Sail out to sea and do new things." -- Grace HopperSeveral years ago I had a lovely power lunch with Don Chatham, Patrick Hogan, and Teresa Koltzenberg of ALA Publishing. They asked me about blogging, and I happily prattled away as I forked up free food in a fancy restaurant.

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By Michael Stephens | I had the honor of giving my "Hyperlinked Library" talk at the prestigious New York Public Library last week. The question-and-answer session following was wonderful: questions about levels of service with technology, reaching out to the under-served who may not have access to newer types of tech and what working in a 2.0 world means to a large library system.

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By Tom Peters | Some of my favorite books, such as Huck Finn and Of Mice and Men, are frequently challenged and banned by others.  Since 1982 ALA has organized an annual Banned Books Week (Sept. 29 through Oct. 6 this year) that encourages people to read and celebrate the freedom to read whatever one wishes. 

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By Tom Peters | Six months ago, if I had been playing a linguistic parlor game and had encountered the word MIG, my first and only thought would have been about Soviet/Russian military jets.  But now, thanks to the emergence of social networks, virtual worlds, and John Chrastka at ALA, I have been re-educated, Comrades.

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