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By Cindi Trainor | What sort of technology would you expect to find in a library school?  University of Kentucky, Lexington.

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By Jason Griffey | Every year my preparations for going to the ALA Annual conference go through a series of stages. First, the "Oh, I guess I should buy a ticket and find a hotel room" stage, which fades into the "yes, I know it's coming, but there are still weeks to prepare" stage. Then at some point I start getting emails reminding me about this meeting, or that meeting, or I see a note somewhere about a program I really don't want to miss, and amidst all this I think "I should start planning my schedule." Then, about a week before I leave, I actually try to do it.

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By Daniel A. Freeman | Earlier this week, some of our colleagues at Booklist became Internet celebrities when the video “Booklist Editors Read for Fun 2007” became a spotlight video on YouTube. [video:]  

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By Michael Stephens | I find myself returning to John Blyberg’s post “Library 2.0 Debased” of a few months back. Last semester was busy: classes to prep, teaching in St. Paul as part of Dominican’s partnership with the College of St. Katharine, and speaking engagements here and there.

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By Daniel A. Freeman | I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as your new editor. I’ll be overseeing this blog, as well as future issues of Library Technology Reports and Smart Libraries Newsletter. I am thrilled to be aboard and to be reaching out to the global library technology community.

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By Cindi Trainor | Newly renovated study space in the library at Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY.

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By Cindi Trainor |

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By Jason Griffey | Most everyone reading this blog is familiar with Karen G. Schneider. As a recent member of the Techsource team, she has helped us all understand technology a little more clearly. Her new job as Community Librarian for Equinox Software, Inc. involves working to expand library and librarians knowledge about the Open Source ILS, Evergreen.

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By Kate Sheehan | Stick a microphone in front of a famous person--a makeover victim, a home owner aspiring to an increased selling price, or a washed-up celebrity looking to reclaim former greatness (if only in his own mind)--and it seems they will all invariably announce their concern with “keeping it real.” My (almost) daily ritual of imitating outdoor activity on a machine plugged into the wall of a window-deficient warehouse while watching talking heads has proved to be an education in our cultural obsession with authenticity.

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By Michael Stephens | Ah, summer break. It’s nice to have some time to breathe and energize. My eyes fall on the stack of fiction and just-for-fun reading awaiting me these next few weeks. I must confess, however, that my thoughts also return to teaching and prep for next semester.

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