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By Daniel A. Freeman | I think one of the coolest things about a library is that in addition to the service that it provides directly, it is also a forum. Each library serves a community and in turn, that community uses the library to discuss and learn more about who it really is, what its needs are and how they can be addressed. Libraries are the leaders in serving their communities, but only because they allow these communities to lead them.

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By Cindi Trainor | Multimedia Production Room OSU Sullivant Library Learning Çommons

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By Cindi Trainor | I have visited a lot of libraries this summer, looking for interesting architecture, technology, and landscaping that would make for good photos.

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By Michelle Boule | As a new mom, I’ve been thinking nonstop about family. I look at my son and wonder what I will tell him about his family. Genealogy has been a quest for every generation, and has become much more popular in recent years. Still, until now there have not been many online tools that could map out family trees.

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By Daniel A. Freeman | This past weekend CBS News ran this report, which examines how in an economic downturn, many families using their libraries for low-cost fun and entertainment.

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By Jenny Levine | The preliminary program for the 2008 ALA TechSource Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium is now available and registration is underway. This year's program includes topics for academic, public, and school librarians interested in all aspects of gaming in libraries and offers new tracks such as: Beyond videogames Collection development Games and community Games and academic librar

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By Daniel A. Freeman | Long ago, in the twitterless, 1.0 dark age of 2003, I got one of the coolest jobs in the world—I was a bookmobile driver at the Champaign Public Library.  Aside from the obvious perk of getting to drive a huge bus around town, this job really gave me a perspective on how libraries can be a bridge to bring different communities together.

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By Michael Stephens | While in Atlanta in May for SOLINET, Michael Casey and I had the opportunity to tour the Georgia

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By Daniel A. Freeman | In the culture of the Internet, the sound byte and 24/7 cable news networks, as soon as something is praised, it gets torn down and trounced. This process has accelerated so quickly that it sometimes seems like the two things are happening simultaneously.

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By Daniel A. Freeman | If you are a longtime reader, you may be familiar with the long, dramatic saga of reader comments on Techsource. While we initially welcomed unmoderated commenting, it attracted so much spam that our interim editor Tom Peters had to disallow it. We continued to have difficulty managing comments in our old Gulo interface, so when we made the decision to switch over to Drupal, we figured we were also solving our comment problem. We were right about that, too...we just made one little mistake.

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