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By Cindi Trainor | One of the beautiful library spaces I had the privilege of visiting this summer was the new main Boone County Public Library building in Burlington, Kentucky (

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By Daniel A.

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By Daniel A. Freeman | New York Magazine has been providing some fantastic coverage of the changes in the book publishing industry that Jason is discussing.

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By Jason Griffey |

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By Kate Sheehan | The Darien Library’s new website and SOPAC 2.0 have been live for just over a week, during which time we staffers have had a chance to reflect on our wonderful new online presence. John Blyberg offers a thorough explanation of the technical details at his blog.

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By Tom Peters |

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By Michael Stephens | I recently had the chance to visit with long-time colleague and friend Michele Russo, Dean of Library Services at the Franklin D. Schurz Library at Indiana University South Bend. We've known each other awhile--she taught reference classes while I was in the MLS program.

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By Jason Griffey | The titanic battle of musical rythm games happens this Fall, when both Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band II will be released. Both are sequels to hugely successful games, and both games up the ante in their own way. Guitar Hero World Tour eschews the solo guitar as the ideal of rocking and adds the rest of the band--drums, microphone, and bass. The game setup is similar to Rock Band but there are now 4 instruments to rock out on.

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By Tom Peters | The last half of August is a transition period.  For many people it is the end of summer as a human experience, regardless of how summer is defined in national holidays, meteorological averages or the wobbling of the earth on its axis.  It's time to get back to school and buckle down--time to work.

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