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By Tom Peters | Second Life is good for a lot of things.  Professional networking is one of them.  I have met and worked with so many librarians in Second Life that I probably never would have met if I had confined my professional activities to real life.

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By Daniel A. Freeman | AL Focus has posted an excellent video review of the LITA National Forum that took place last month. Hat tip to our friends at LITA Blog for getting the word out about this first.

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By Daniel A. Freeman | Greg Landgraf at American Libraries has some outstanding coverage of the symposium over at AL Inside Scoop. You can read his detailed and comprehensive coverage symposium events here, here, here and here.

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By Daniel A. Freeman | My parents never bought me a Nintendo when I was a kid. They had this crazy idea that reading was the best way for me to learn and entertain myself, so I had to go over to my neighbors house when I wanted to play The Legend of Zelda or Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. I’d go back home after playing and describe how cool these new games were to my parents, who inevitably rolled their eyes, frustrated at this trendy, expensive new toy their son was dying to have.

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By Jason Griffey | There could hardly be a nicer conference location than Monterey, CA in the Fall. The weather is gorgeous, the town is walkable, and there is a plethora of tourist activities ranging from the phenomenal Monterey Aquarium to the local beaches. So to say that I spent my days at Internet Librarian 2008 sitting in hotel conference rooms should give you some idea of the speakers and the programs that Information Today manages to put together every year.

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By Daniel A. Freeman | It's not too late to attend the 2008 ALA TechSource Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium! This special event, which takes place in the Chicago area from November 2-4, will feature many of the leading voices in gaming today, as well as exciting demonstrations and open gaming.Keynote speakers include Dr. Lawrence Kutner, co-author of Grand Theft Childhood and Gamerdad's Andrew Bub.

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By Daniel A. Freeman | Greetings from Cincinnati, the Queen City! After my bad flight experience in Anaheim, it was nice to be able to hop in the car and head to a conference that’s just a few hours away from home in a city that I know quite well (my fiancé grew up here, so I’ve been here a lot). 

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By Kate Sheehan | I never quite got the hang of believing in Santa. Flying reindeer seemed suspect to me, but the real problem I had was the speed at which he made it around the world, in and out of all those houses and back in a single night. Even accounting for time differences and the International Date Line, I couldn’t get comfortable with the idea.

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By Tom Peters | When I was in grade school in the 1960s, we learned the basics about must have been in math class.

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By Cindi Trainor | Launch Pad DDR

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