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By Michael Stephens | Greetings Readers!I am tickled to be joining Jenny, Karen and Tom on this venture. And kudos to Teresa Koltzenburg at ALA TechSource for "getting it!"

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By Tom Peters | Tuesday three individual authors, as well as the Authors Guild, which represents approximately 8,000 authors, filed a lawsuit against Google over the library portion of its Google Library Project.

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By Teresa Koltzenburg |

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By Teresa Koltzenburg |

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By Tom Peters | Welcome, Everyone. I'm glad that ALA TechSource has started this blog to highlight trends, issues, and opportunities regarding library and information technology. It's an honor to be blogging with the likes of Jenny Levine, Karen Schneider, and Michael Stephens. As the newbie to blogging, I have the right (and responsibility!) to ask the dumb questions and make the stupid mistakes.

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By Teresa Koltzenburg | ALA TechSource Blog is official! I was able to subscribe in my aggregator, now you can too!

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By Teresa Koltzenburg | The new ALA TechSource site (which includes this blog) is propagating today. Should be able to pick this up tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'll take this opportunity to post some comment guidelines. These guidelines will eventually be accessible via a hotlink (for easy reference). But for now, here they are:TechSource Blog Comment Guidelines

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By Teresa Koltzenburg | Greetings Biblioblogosphere Devotees...

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