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By Teresa Koltzenburg | Alliance Second Life Library 2.0Presented by the Alliance Library System/Online Programming for All Libraries (OPAL)OPAL Auditorium,, May 31, 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. CDT

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By Teresa Koltzenburg | We have jumped into that laboratory experience together and are learning together. Ten project teams are formulating collaborative projects as a means of learning.

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By Michael Stephens | Chad Boeninger is a Reference & Instruction Librarian at the Alden Library of Ohio University. He works as a bibliographer with faculty in the College of Business and the Department of Economics to develop the library's collections and is also available to help students and faculty members with their research needs in person, via IM, and via a resource he created: The Biz Wiki.

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By Karen G. Schneider | In my two (Part 1 here, Part 2 here) earlier pieces on this topic, I focused very narrowly on some fairly obvious limitations with online catalogs, limiting my discussion to weaknesses in OPAC searching from the user's point of view.

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By Tom Peters | Usually I have a terrible memory. Once, in high school, I forgot the name of the young woman I was dating at the time—in her presence. Oddly, I recall her name very clearly now, thirty-three years later.

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By Teresa Koltzenburg | When you come here, you're going to find libraries raising themselves up from the dust. We're down, but we're not out.

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By Michael Stephens | Digitally re-shifting your school library is about harnessing the power of new ideas like Web 2.0 to help fulfill the mission of school libraries. It does not necessarily mean discarding the old, but rather reconsidering what works best in meeting new challenges in a changing educational world. It's all a part of helping students become literate users of information in order for them to have successful careers in school and beyond.

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By Tom Peters | Earlier this week, after years of a court-induced coma, the Web site became live and free again. This time, the Napster executives claim they are too legit to quit.

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By Michael Stephens | I've just finished my semester at Dominican as an adjunct—the version of LIS 753 Internet Fundamentals & Design I teach is taught over three fun-filled and information-packed weekends—and turning the students in the class on to online social tools and the bigger picture of what's happening online was a highlight for me.

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By Teresa Koltzenburg | Three new Biblioblogosphere-related blogs (well, actually there are five and counting) to get acquainted with over the weekend... Library 2.0 Innovation Bootcamp has commenced.

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