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By Teresa Koltzenburg | Friday was the first date of the ‘Conversation, Community, Connection, and Collaboration: Practical, New Technologies for User-Centered Services' Road Show, and a

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By Tom Peters | Early this morning, my dog Max and I should have been out jogging—in pursuit of our mutual general project goals to lose weight and to improve our cardiovascular systems. Instead, we were plodding along at our customary meditative pace beneath the belt of Orion. Undoubtedly, Max was contemplating the tasty morsels that the toddlers would toss to him from their highchairs later today. I was pondering plogging.

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By Michael Stephens | In late January, I spoke at the Panhandle Library Access Network's Tech Day on technology, staff, and users in libraries.

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By Teresa Koltzenburg | If you read FRL (which I know you do), you know how busy Karen is. Considering she's the director of, I'm always amazed when I see her well-crafted work on FRL and her smiling face and seemingly unhurried composure at conferences (where she's a very sought after individual) at which I've had the pleasure of hanging out with her if only even for a few moments.

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By Jenny Levine | If you're still fuzzy on the "Library 2.0" concept (a bandwagon on which I am proud to say I am still a passenger), then this is your lucky day. I'm still waiting for the video from this month's OCLC Symposium, "Extreme Makeover: Rebranding an Industry" (notes here), to go online to highlight how libraries can do more in the physical world to implement L2 concepts.

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By Tom Peters | Recently Apple, Inc., announced that it will allow colleges and universities to use a special sector within the overall iTunes service to load and distribute course lectures, other course content, and related digital audio and video files.

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By Tom Peters | Years ago, the rallying cry, "Think globally, act locally," gained a certain popularity. It encouraged us all to consider the global, long-term consequences of our everyday actions, so we could then concentrate on making personal decisions and actions that were as socially, culturally, and environmentally responsible as possible.

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By Michael Stephens | A lot of folks are winding up 2005 with a look back in various articles or blog posts. Some are looking toward 2006. One post that John Blyberg pointed me to is Dion Hinchcliffe's "Where Are We with Web 2.0?"

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By Teresa Koltzenburg | Misquote Thanks, TangognaT, for catching this misquote in Michael Stephens's and Michael Casey's latest co-authored post, "Better Library Services for More People" on this blog. > Hi,> Thanks for the mention in your ALA TechSource post. I think I was

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By Michael Stephens | UPDATE TO ORIGINAL POST on January 19, 2006 Please note that content, noted in text, has been amended. “What's going on here? I think Library 2.0 is a library response to the larger social technology changes going on right now. I wouldn't be surprised if there's an Automotive 2.0, a Psychiatrist 2.0, or a Teacher 2.0. Some librarians are noticing the change and are trying to figure out how libraries can capture the good stuff of Web 2.0 and use it to further serve our patrons.

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