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By Teresa Koltzenburg | The other day, while walking out at the end of a break-out session of the Chicago Public Library’s Scholars in Residence Conference at the Harold Washington Library Center, I mentioned to my colleague, Laura Pelehach (acquisitions editor from ALA Editio

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By Teresa Koltzenburg | Publish, published by Ziff Davis Media, Inc., featured a nifty article by Jason Boog last week, "Library 2.0 Movement Sees Benefits in Collaboration with Patrons," which features interviews with Jenny Levine, Aaron Schmidt, and

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By Tom Peters | Lots of folks are sour on snippets. Google has made lemonade out of the old word "snippet" by using it to describe what will be presented to users when they perform a full-text search in the Google Print Library and retrieve hits for the search term in a work still protected by copyright.

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By Jenny Levine | I was thrilled to read Michael's mini-interview with Will Richardson, because I, too, was blown away by Will's keynote at the Internet Librarian conference.

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By Michael Stephens | I’ve heard Will Richardson (that's him, at your right) speak twice at various conferences, including last week in Monterey; he keynoted the Internet at Schools conference that ran concurrently with Internet Librarian.

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By Tom Peters | Cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, and other portable information/communication appliances all have buttons. For most tasks, the dominant way of interacting with these devices involves pressing buttons. The functionality of some buttons has become so multifarious that they seem like joysticks—without the stick and without the joy.

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By Tom Peters | I don't know what possessed me to write a blog entry about copyright. Hasn't enough been written about copyright already—even if the future of copyright, fair use, the right of first sale, and intellectual property in general is arguably one of the essential issues currently confronting society and culture?

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By Teresa Koltzenburg | Although the sweltering temps in Chicago this summer at ALA Annual weren't at all comforting, Chicagoland offers librarians oh-so many comforts (meaning the M-W Online definition of 2comfort [noun]: "strengthening aid, assistance, support") this autumn.

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By Michael Stephens | Exploring the Future of Digital EntertainmentThis will be the first of a few posts about books that have rocked my world in the last few months that I would suggest to all librarians who want to understand our current and future technology landscape.“The best selling CD of 2004 was BLANK."

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By Karen G. Schneider | This is the first part in a series of postings about libraries and Katrina. After this post, I'm going to look close up at libraries that were affected by Katrina—either directly, such as the libraries in Mississippi and Louisiana damaged or closed by the storms and flooding, or indirectly, such as the libraries that increased or changed services in response to the sudden "Katrina Diaspora" that swept our country.

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