STEAM Equity Site Support Notebook (for Partner Libraries): Overview

In this section, you will find:

Questions/Contact Information

If you have questions about:

Overall Project and Exhibit Information, contact Anne Holland (, phone 720-974-5876)

Shipping, Damage, or Technical Issues, contact Stephanie Vierow-Fields (, phone 720-974-5851)

Space Science Institute                                                                                                                                           

National Center for Interactive Learning                                                                                                                       

4765 Walnut St, Suite B                                                                                                                                                 

Boulder, CO 80301

Phone: 720-974-5851



Foundant, ALA’s new grant system, contact the Public Programs Office (

Access to ALA Connect Discussion Group, contact B.B. Browne (

Lead Contacts

American Library Association

STAR Net, led by the Space Science Institute's National Center for Interactive Learning (NCIL/SSI)

  • Anne Holland, Community Engagement Manager and STEAM Equity Principle Investigator at 
  • Stephanie Vierow-Fields, Education Coordinator at
  • Jamie Harold, Interim Director, National Center for Interactive Learning

Twin Cities PBS (TPT) and their SciGirls program

  • Kristin Pederson, Director, STEM Project Development and Communications

Institute for Learning Innovation (ILI)

Education Development Center (EDC)

  • Ginger Fitzhugh, Senior Research Associate

STEAM Equity partner libraries and their collaborators

Project Discussion Group

STEAM Equity project directors are members of an online project discussion group through the ALA Connect platform. The Connect community is a helpful way to:

  • Send program updates
  • Share ideas, resources, and helpful tips
  • Ask questions
  • Highlight useful links
  • Receive important updates from Project Staff

Please note that the STEAM Equity community is a private group. If you or a colleague needs to be added to the group, please contact Stephanie Vierow-Fields at For help using the ALA Connect platform, please refer to the ALA Connect User Guide. 

Webinar and other Recordings Resources

Recordings from webinars and call related to the STEAM Equity Project are available in the Library of the Connect community. Click here to access (please note that you will have to log in to your Connect account). Note that videos are for internal use only to support your planning.

Grants Management Platform

All required reporting for the exhibition will be done through ALA's new grants management platform, where you submitted your original application. Please use the same login you used for that submission.

The link to access the platform is below; more information on reporting is available on the "Logistics" page. If you have questions about using the new grants platform, need login information, or need to transfer the reporting documents to a different project member, please contact the ALA Public Programs Office at

Link to Foundant 

Use of Programming Allowance

Each host site is eligible to receive an allowance of $15,000 over 4 years to support costs associated with delivery of educational programs and events directly related to the STEAM Equity exhibition. These include costs for program instruction, materials and supplies, marketing and communications, catering, mileage, and staff time.

Permitted programming expenses include:

  • Educational materials (this includes exploration spaces, STEAM Kits, or items related to the exhibits and programs)
  • Refreshments during exhibit-related programs/events
  • Costs such as advertising, printing, etc. for exhibit-related programs not associated with fundraising
  • Staff training expenses
  • Program coordinator time
  • Instructor costs and speaker contracts
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Program supplies
  • Acquisition of related books, DVDs and other media related to the project

The following expenses are not permitted. If you have a question about an expense, please contact Stephanie before purchase:

  • Cash or cash-equivalent incentives or prizes. (Cash equivalents include savings bonds, gift cards, and similar products.)
  • Mini grants, scholarships, or similar items.
  • Computer technology, including desktop, laptop, and tablet computers and mobile phones (unless purchased exclusively for STEAM Equity activities, such as an Exploration Space station)
  • Expenses unrelated to STEAM Equity programming, events or services
  • Furniture (unless purchased in support of Exploration Space development)
  • Political contributions
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Insurance for the exhibition
  • To support indirect costs, i.e., general administrative expenses of any kind 

When in doubt about expense eligibility, contact Stephanie Vierow-Fields:

Exhibition Security Guidelines

The exhibition must be displayed in an appropriate and safe environment. Certain exhibit components can be used outside if supervised. If planning to split exhibit components between libraries in your district, please notify SSI so the evaluators have this information.

The exhibit should be monitored by staff every 30 minutes during peak periods of use, and every hour during off-peak times. The host should examine the exhibit at the end of each day to determine that all components are in working order and undamaged. The host will report any damage or other important information about the exhibition to SSI as soon as possible after it is observed.


The host agrees to maintain responsibility for the condition of the exhibition. Sites will be held responsible for damage to or loss of the exhibition when it is under their control. The Space Science Institute is not responsible for personal injury or property damage arising from the installation, use, or defective nature of the traveling display.

The host agrees to add an insurance rider to their policy for the time the exhibit is at the host site, or arrange to have the exhibition insured under the host site’s comprehensive insurance, and to provide a certificate of insurance or letter from an authorized insurance agent to SSI no later than 45 days prior to the exhibit opening day at the host site. Sites should ensure the exhibition for 10 days prior to and 10 days following the exhibition display dates. Coverage costs for each exhibit are:

  • Soy Super/I’m Super: $24,870
  • Somos Super Creativos/We’re Super Creative: $19,510
  • Soy Super Curioso/I’m Super Curious: $42,443

Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) (PL 101-336), which went into effect in July 1992, guarantees that people with disabilities shall have equal access to employment, public services and accommodations, transportation, and telecommunications services. As public service providers, exhibition host sites must make reasonable efforts to give disabled people the same access to information, programs, and resources enjoyed by those who are not disabled. Each host site on the tour will have varying capabilities for providing equal access to disabled people. We urge you to do as much as you reasonably can to make programs accessible to the disabled population. Local or regional agencies that are responsible for services for the disabled may be helpful. We offer the following suggestions to enhance the accessibility of your programs:

  • Allow space for wheelchairs in program spaces
  • Prepare a large-print version of publicity materials and program handouts
  • Provide for signing at programs

Provide audio versions of texts used in programming

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