Selected Web Sites with Lesson Plans for Teachers

“Pride and Passion: The African American Baseball Experience” Online Site Support Notebook external link
The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum’s “Civil Rights: Before You Could Say Jackie Robinson” is a colorful unit, designed for grades four through eight, that illustrates how baseball reflected and led critical social shifts in American history from the Civil War to the modern-day Civil Rights movement. Beginning with the origin of the Negro leagues external link to Jackie Robinson’s external link integration of Major League Baseball in 1947, untold stories of honor, courage, and perseverance are brought to life through interactive multicultural lessons spanning several subject areas. external link
The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum e-Museum features lessons plans for approximately 19 themes related to the Negro Leagues. Negro Leagues Baseball lesson plans are a platform for teaching a rich and varied historical content. The lessons are interactive, multimedia-based and designed for high school level students. Among the titles are: “100 Years of Negro League Baseball,” “ They Were All Stars,” “Negro League Baseball and the Law,” “The First ‘Colored World Series’,” “Shadow Ball, 1930–1940,” and “Negro League Baseball Vocabulary.” external link
The Library of Congress “Teaching with Primary Resources” website is a great resource for information on Negro league players. On the main web page, input “Negro leagues” into the Search area and find more than 500 links featuring photographs, essays, documents, and other material about the Negro leagues. external link
The National Archives offers “Teaching With Documents: Beyond the Playing Field—Jackie Robinson, Civil Rights Advocate,” a curriculum guide about Robinson’s championing the cause of civil rights when he retired from the game. (upper middle grades to high school) external link
“Rounding the Bases: Race and Ethnicity in America,” a Library of Congress American Memory website Learning Page, offers a unit for grades 9–12 in which students use primary sources focused on baseball to explore the American experience regarding race and ethnicity. external link
Explore Pennsylvania History website with lesson plan about Negro League teams and players in Pennsylvania, such as Josh Gibson, the Homestead Grays, and the Hilldales.