Insurance and Replacement of Exhibit Parts

“Pride and Passion: The African American Baseball Experience” Online Site Support Notebook

ALA has primary responsibility for investigating loss or damage to the exhibit and determining fault. ALA carries insurance on the exhibit both in transit and on display. But if a library is determined to be at fault in damage or loss, then the library will be responsible for paying costs to replace or restore parts of the exhibit. If the library is determined not to be at fault, ALA will handle the costs of damage or loss. Replacement of individual panels costs approximately $400; replacement of banners is $250. For the “Pride and Passion” exhibit, libraries will be responsible for the costs of replacing exhibition add-on pieces, such as baseball cards, gloves, etc. if they are lost or stolen while the library has the exhibit. These pieces are $100 each.

Some libraries add a rider to their insurance policy for the exhibit period, but ALA does not require libraries to do this. The value of the “Pride and Passion: The African-American Baseball Experience” exhibit is $45,000 for insurance purposes.