The Human Rights Video Project

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The Human Rights Video Project was a grant opportunity for public libraries. Supported by a major grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and the Ford Foundation, the Human Rights Video Project awarded sets of 12 videos on human rights topics to 300 public libraries across the country.

Fifty libraries received grants through the Human Rights Video Project to present public programs on human rights topic in partnership with a non-profit community activist organization. These libraries received the sets of videos, supporting materials, and $750 to use to defray the cost of presenting the public program. An additional 250 libraries received 12 videos and supporting materials.

The video collection was selected by a panel of librarians, filmmakers, and human rights professionals and covers topics such as globalization and labor rights, landmines, the prison industry in the U.S., sexual violence in war, police brutality, disability rights, rights to education, justice for torture victims, globalization and International Monetary Fund (IMF) policies, post-apartheid South Africa, Israel/Palestine, AIDS in Africa, and U.S. immigration and political asylum. Some titles in the package are
Behind the Labels (Witness Films, 2001),
Every Mother's Son (Filmmakers, 2003),
Calling the Ghosts (Women Make Movies, 1996), and
Well-Founded Fear (The Epidavros Project, 2000).