Guidelines for sponsor acknowledgment

Emma Lazarus: Voice of Liberty, Voice of Conscience
Site Support Notebook

When in doubt, ask the ALA Public Programs Office.

  • Use the official credit text: The official credit text should appear on all printed and online materials related to the exhibition, including news releases, brochures, publications, invitations, program flyers, advertisements, press kits, announcements, websites, and posters. It should also appear on any signage at the entrance to the exhibition. On all materials, it should appear in a type size that is readable and appropriate to the overall design. Include logos if space permits.
  • Use logos: Please use sponsor logos on materials whenever possible. Logos may be found on the publicity CD.
  • Stress project credits to media: In speaking to or sending news releases to newspaper reporters, radio and TV interviewers, and other media personnel, please stress that full exhibition credit should be included in all articles and features. Some libraries include a line set off at the beginning of news releases saying “Editor: Please do not edit out sponsorship credits in paragraph __.”
  • Acknowledge exhibit credits at press events and public programs: The exhibit sponsors should be acknowledged orally at the beginning and end of press conferences, public programs, and other public events connected with the exhibition, and at the beginning and end of radio or television interviews. Use the official exhibition credit as a guide.
  • Include local sponsor credits: Local sponsor credits must follow the exhibit credit line and be in a type size no larger than that credit. The exception is materials or programs entirely supported by another funding source. In those cases, it is still necessary for the credit line to appear, but the additional sponsor’s credit may appear first and in a larger size.
  • Include publicity samples with final report to ALA: Two copies of all printed press coverage and PR materials must be submitted with the host site’s final report to ALA. However, only one copy of CDs and DVDs are required.

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