Logistics Checklist

  • Shipper contacts host site to arrange for convenient exhibit delivery and pick-up time.
  • Check the condition of the exhibit as you unpack crates. If any exhibit parts or materials are missing or damaged, please notify ALA immediately.

  • Once the exhibit is set-up, please return a completed Condition Report form to ALA.

  • The first date in the itinerary is the last day the shipper is allowed to deliver the exhibit, although it might arrive before that date. When you are planning exhibit openings, remember that you might not receive the exhibit until the first date in the itinerary, and you will need at least a day or two to set it up.

  • The last date in the itinerary is when the exhibit must close. In most cases, the closing date is a Friday. Host sites are asked to have the exhibit packed up and ready to go by the following Monday, so please allow time to repack it.
  • Complete a final report form within 30 days of the closing of the exhibition.