Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War

Site Support Notebook

ALA has primary responsibility for investigating damage to the exhibit. If an exhibit host is determined to be at fault for damage, then the host site will be responsible for paying costs to replace or restore parts of the exhibit. ALA will arrange for necessary repairs to the exhibit.

ALA encourages host sites to add a rider to their insurance policy for the exhibit display period. Because of varied delivery and pick-up dates, please be sure that your additional exhibit insurance coverage starts a week before the start of your display period and extends to a week after the last day of your display period. The value of “Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War” exhibit is $50,000. Please direct any questions about exhibit insurance to the Public Programs Office at

Note: Project funds from the NEH to the National Constitution Center and the ALA do not cover the replacement of an entire exhibit. If the exhibit is destroyed, the National Constitution Center and the ALA reserve the right to end the tour. (This is also stated in the letter of agreement each site signs for the tour.)