Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War Site Support Notebook

Section 1: General


National Constitution Center Contact Information

Exhibit Discussion Lists

Use of NEH Award

Display and Security Guidelines


Tell Your Legislators

Importance of Traveling Exhibitions

Americans with Disabilities Act

Section 2: Publicity

Publicity Checklist

Official Exhibition Credit

Sponsor Acknowledgment

Publicity Approval

Local Library Web Sites

Guidelines for Use of Publicity Images

Publicity Images, Captions and Credits

Exhibition Support Materials (including downloadable poster and brochure files)


Sample Media Alert/Calendar Listing (Word)

Sample Letter to Community Groups (Word)

Sample News Release (Word)

Sample Public Service Announcements (Word)

Promotion Guide (PDF)

PR Generator

Section 3: Programming

Overview of Exhibition Themes

Programming Requirements

Program Ideas for Adults/Young Adults

Program Ideas for Younger Audiences

Program Ideas with Schools

Speakers for Programs


Web Sites with Lesson Plans

Teacher’s Guide (PDF)

Additional Fundraising Information

Grants for Humanities Programs

Section 4: Resources

Books for Adult Readers

Books for Younger Readers

Related Web Sites

Films and Videos

Bibliography of Additional Resources

Exhibit Panels (zipped PDFs)

Docent Script Template (Word)

Exhibit Script (PDF)

Exhibit Walkthrough Video (YouTube)

Section 5: Logistics

Logistics Checklist

Exhibit Shipping and Receiving

Exhibit Dimensions

Installation Instructions (PDF)

Exhibit Setup Video (Video)

Required Programming Form (Word)

Condition/Damage Report Form (Word)

Library Final Report Form