Lewis & Clark and the Indian Country

Online Site Support Notebook: Films and Videos

Each library wishing to show films or videos related to "Lewis and Clark and the Indian Country" to the public must themselves arrange for public performance rights (PPR)

There are not many theatrical films available about Lewis and Clark in the Indian Country, but there are a number of documentaries. Libraries which find other films related to the topics of the exhibit are asked to post them to the project discussion list,


Look for publicity about an HBO 10-hour miniseries produced by National Geographic Films, Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, based on Stephen Ambrose's book
Undaunted Courage. The series is scheduled for broadcast in 2008. ALA will alert the discussion list to project updates.

Lewis & Clark—The Journey of the Corps of Discovery (1997). Four hours.

Directed by Ken Burns; starring Adam Arkin and Hal Holbrook. Available in DVD and video from many sources, including PBS Home Video. Web site:

Lewis & Clark—Great Journey West. National Geographic/Warner (2002). 100 minutes (some sources say 40 minutes?)

Available in DVD from many sources. Web site:

The Journey of Sacajawea. Idana Films (2003). Lewis and Clark from a Native American perspective. 60 minutes.

Available from PBS Home Video.

"The Trail"--The Lewis and Clark Expedition. Directed by Robin D. Williams (1996). 88 minutes.

Focuses on the places Lewis and Clark visited along the trail. Available in video only. See web site

Lewis and Clark, Explorers of the New Frontier. A&E Biography (2000). 50 minutes.

This film is reviewed as good for descriptions of Indian relations. Available on DVD from many sources.

Theatrical Films

The Far Horizons. Paramount (1955).

Stars Fred MacMurray (Lewis), Charlton Heston (Clark) and Donna Reed (Sacajawea!). Filmed in Grand Teton National Park. This film would need interpretation from a historian.